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Essays on Australian Culture


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 About the Book 

This book contains a large number of enjoyable and accessible essays on many aspects of Australian culture including:- mateship-- the Anzac spirit-- barbies-- politicians-- sport-- fair go-- what it means to be Australian-- Australias relationship with the English and New Zealand-- big noting-- and many others.The essays draw from the previous writings of Australian cultural writer David Downie.This book will be helpful both to high school and other students looking into aspects of Australian culture, as well as Australians with an interest in themselves or people of other nations who are interested in Australian cultural traits (ie Aussie lovers!).The essays are intended to be easy and fun to read, while also raising some serious issues. There is almost 80,000 words of them.I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.David DownieTallebudgera Valley, Australia