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Final Sprint Dan Wesolowski

Final Sprint

Dan Wesolowski

Published July 3rd 2006
ISBN : 9781424119240
208 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

During a party, returned Iraq war veteran and current university student, Mietek Majowski, dies in a fall from Skyviewas oceanfront eighty-foot cliffs. The police in this southern California town term it an accident. Meitekas father, Jacek, himself a veteran of the Russian-Afghan war and a believer in vigilante justice, remains unsatisfied with the official police findings and hires part-time shamus Drake Simo. Drake Simo, ex-bicycle racer, long time resident in Skyviewas Dionysian college community, and once employed by Jacek, reconstructs Mietekas final days. His inquiry leads to the heart of Skyviewas raucous weekend scene. Along Skyviewas broken boulevards, Drake encounters conflicting accounts of Mietekas fall, Jacekas promiscuous daughter, the addled producers of skin-centered Skyview TV, warring Rastafarian drug dealers, and humongous volumes of both cheap booze and expensive PCP-laced marijuana, along with tales of depleted uranium and Jacekas AK-47 wielding building manager and war comrade, who swears September 11th was a government conspiracy. Closely shadowed by Jacek, Drake scrambles to put something together before la pA]re takes matters into his own hands.